Occurrence 33: Special K’s Bionic Penis

August 24th, 2015

This week, Kenneth will now be known as “Special K”, we get a voice mail from a Russian hitman, and Robotuner tries his hand at a monologue about the Foo Fighter’s Westboro baptist church prank.  Shelly also tries to upstage me during my prefaces but has some of the craziest news stories to date!

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Occurrence 20: Fallen Comrades and Gender Reversals

May 27th, 2015

Kenneth is returned this week in our pre-memorial day festivities in a thrall of chaos and sound effects which he refuses to keep their volume under control.  

We talk about David Letterman going off the air and ironically, The Ned Files, our podcast allies in California announce the same day that their show is done which throws us into an almost instant, but very quickly reverted state of depression.

Shelly then asks me in the middle of the occurrence what I would do if she suddenly grew a penis and spouts crazy facts and doodles while Kenneth and I can’t keep our minds our of middle school as she reads them. Finally, their dad, Glenn joins us for Stump the Robotuner and spouts some trivial wisdom our way!  The journey’s over, cowboy.  Think about it, ‘cause I do.